The Nightingales’ extensive repertoire includes both sacred and secular music. It ranges from motets, chorals and spirituals to songs from musicals, pop songs and songs that were taken home from other countries. It is a good custom to add local music from visited countries to the repertoire. The choir performs in more than fifteen different languages.

Of course, the Nightingales also gladly participate in church events with sacred polyphonic music.

The choir is regularly invited to take part in special, large-scale music events, such as the Carmina Burana, the St Matthew Passion, the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the Gala of the Year with Dutch singer Lee Towers, classical concerts in concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratio and productions by the Dutch theatrical production company Zenga.

Their participation in smaller musical and theatrical productions often involves studying repertoire that was especially written or arranged for the occasion, such as a concert of Leonard Cohen songs, a one-time theatrical production for the anniversary of a light bulb manufacturer or special Christmas productions.